Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.

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Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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Property details

Property details

 売土地 興戸駅7分住宅用地
Address Kyoto pref. 京田辺市興戸塚ノ本
Price 1,050万(消費税込み)
Nearby Railway   近鉄京都線 / 興戸駅 徒歩7分 JR片町線 / 同志社前駅 徒歩9分
Floor Plan Building Age
Land Area 公簿 80.20㎡ 24.26坪Building Area

Land Rights Classification of Land category
City Planning Usage Area 第一種低層住居専用地域
Building Coverage Ratio Floor Area Ratio
Contacted road Other Laws
Builder Delivery Date
Facility Registered number
Surrounding Environment
Recommended points
Link to reference specifications

Life information
Information release date
Transaction type
Brokerage fee
Pictures, illustrations, CGs, and layouts of the property may differ slightly from the actual.
When consumption tax and local consumption tax are subject to tax, the tax inclusive price is displayed.
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When purchasing, we ask you to fully confirm the details of the property and contract conditions on your own in advance.

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So-to Co.,Ltd.

Miyamagi Chuou 6-9-1, Kyotanabe,Kyoto Pref.
TEL:+81 774-62-1128
FAX:+81 774-62-1232
License number: Kyoto Governor (6) No. 10268
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