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Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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Checkpoints for field Preview

1. Confirm surrounding environment

It is the surrounding environment such as convenience and comfort that should be checked firmly on site preview tour.
It is important to check with your own eyes whether there is access to the station, the presence of public facilities and convenience facilities, as well as the presence of hatred facilities and wide vacant lots.
If there is a large vacant land, there is a possibility that the environment will change completely as a large building is built.
There are cases where a signboard notifying of the building to be built is installed, so confirm.
When checking the surrounding environment, if you check the surroundings in advance by a map etc, confirmation on the site can be done smoothly.

In addition, it is also important to check the surrounding environment by changing the time zone and day of the week. In the day and night, the atmosphere around you may be different on weekdays and holidays.
Also, in rainy weather, you can find places where rainwater flows and places where drainage is bad.
Please check carefully as it will live long if you purchase.

In addition, as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, concern in disasters such as flood damage and liquefaction of the ground as well as earthquake damage is rising.
Even if the building is built sturdy, you may find that the surrounding ground is weak and the lifeline can not be used, so let's investigate information on disaster prevention in the area you are considering purchasing.

2. Items of field visit (newly built property)

In the case of new construction, the point that can be confirmed by whether it is an uncompleted property or a completed property will be different.
In the case of a completed property, you can actually see the property, so check the size, specifications, facilities, etc. and the view from the window in detail.
When observing a model room with an unfinished property, let's take a look at differences in layout and size with the property you want to purchase. Also, since facilities are not standard specifications, they are often optional, so let's check firmly.

3. Items of field visit (Second-hand property)

In the case of used property, in addition to the check items in the newly constructed property, it is the point that we want to check the maintenance condition of the building and the condition of the damage such as facilities.
In the case of a detached house, look at the building's outer wall and roof, the foundation and foundation of the building, in the case of the condominium, look at the outer wall and shared corridors and beware of large cracks and inclinations.
If you are uneasy about judging the condition by yourself, there is also a method of asking experts such as architects to "home inspection" about deterioration situation of houses, presence / absence of defects, parts to be repaired, etc.

In addition, when observing second - hand property, let 's care about manners as the seller may be occupied.
Furthermore, even if you notice dirt, scratches, defects, etc. of equipment and interior, you may need to consider consulting with the person in charge of the real estate company later.

Also, if you buy used property and renovate it, let's check in advance whether you can renovate as you wish.
Mainly, in the case of condominiums, restrictions on remodeling based on the "management agreement" must be confirmed, in the case of a detached household, it is necessary to confirm constraints by laws and ordinances.
In addition, it may be difficult to renovate from the structure of the building, so it would be better to consult experts who ask for renovation.

Home Inspection

What is Home Inspection (Housing Diagnosis / Building Inspection)?
Experts such as architects who are familiar with the design and construction of housing investigate the deterioration situation of houses and objectively diagnose the presence or absence of defects, the place to be renovated, the time of that, etc.
The content of the survey will vary depending on the intent of the investigator and the client, from visual inspection to using specialized research equipment.
It is difficult for consumers to judge the deterioration situation of the structural parts of houses and the necessity of renovation, especially in secondhand houses whose years have passed since the time of new construction.
For that reason, recently the number of cases of buying and selling houses is increasing after requesting home inspection in advance.
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism formulated the "Existing Housing Inspection and Guidelines" in June 2013, and presented guidelines such as inspection items, inspection methods, procedures for the current state inspection, and so on.

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