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Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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 Contract flow to buy a house

 Contract flow to sell a house

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Contract flow to sell a house

Explanation of flow of sale

1. Examine the selling price (assessment)
While consulting with you about how much your house can be sold, who buyers are, etc., calculate by actually assessing the price that can be sold. Of course assessment is free.
2. Examine the cost of selling
The sale of the house also costs expenses. We will confirm the sale price (income) and the sale cost (expenditure).
3. Request for sale
We will conclude an intermediary agreement and actually conduct the sale activity. It is also possible to purchase (trade-in) according to customer's circumstances. Of course we will explain in advance.
4. About selling activity
We will conduct a wide range of advertising activities from the Internet to posting flyers. A sales representative who is familiar with your area will follow you. Of course, advertising expenses etc are unnecessary, so there is no need for customers to sell out at all, so please leave it at ease.
5. Make a contract to sell
If there is an application for purchase, we will negotiate terms with the buyer. If the contract date, delivery date, trading price etc are gathered, we will sign a real estate sales contract at a later date.
6. Last transaction (settlement) day
We will receive the remaining payment, hand out the key to the buyer and deliver the property. Those with borrowing loans need procedures such as deletion of mortgages.

Benefits 1. Realize a speedy sale

As for the sale of real estate in the intermediary business usually, a certain period is necessary in order to find purchasers from advertisements. Speedy, customers who want to sell surely, people who need early cashing, those who are busy and do not have time to respond to indoor tours are also recommended purchasing service.

Benefits 2. No brokerage fee required

For ordinary sale, brokerage fee of 3% + 60,000 yen of contracted price will be charged.
In the case of purchase service, brokerage fee is unnecessary as purchaser becomes Soto.

Benefits 3. Can be sold confidentially

Due to circumstances, if you want to sell without not being known around us, normal advertising activities become difficult.
Since purchaser is Soto, purchase service does not require advertisement activity. It can be sold smoothly without being known to the surroundings.

Benefits 4. Luggage as it is, no renovation required

In the purchase service of Soto, we will purchase your luggage as it is.
A lot of baggage, such as home appliances, are OK with clothes etc as they are.
Also, since our company is a buyer, we will purchase it as it is.

TEL:0774-62-1128(Japanese speakers only)

■Introduce points on the flow, procedures on sale of homes by replacement etc.

1. Select real estate company to request

When selling your home, you can search for a buyer yourself, but limited to relatives and acquaintances, it will be difficult to sell at the desired price.
If you ask real estate companies, you can broadly search for buyers and get advice on prices, taxes, transaction flow etc. The key point is how you can choose a reliable real estate company.
If we also ask for a sale to a real estate company that sells or mediates the replacement housing, we will focus on the sale activity because it is a condition of purchase that we can sell it.
In addition, a real estate company that puts a leaflet such as seller recruitment at home may possibly have customers wanting to buy such a property.
In general, you can say something like the above, but if you accept the sale it will sell from the standpoint of the seller. Recently, networks between real estate companies have expanded, so if you think that it is a reliable company, you may ask a real estate company there.

2. Type of intermediary contract

Once a real estate company that requests sale is decided, we will conclude a brokerage agreement. There are three types of this mediation agreement as follows.

(1)Exclusive intermediary agreement
In this case, you will ask to only one real estate company to sell, and you can not conclude a sales contract with the buyer who you found yourself. In other words, because we will completely leave the sale, the responsibility of the real estate company is heavy and we will focus on the selling activity. In addition, the real estate company has a reporting obligation to the client at least once a week, and the contract validity period is three months.

(2)Dedicated intermediary contract
In this case, you will ask to only one real estate company to sell it. You can also enter into sales contracts with buyer who you found by yourself, but there will be a cost burden for the real estate company's sale activity. The real estate agent is obliged to report to the client at least once every two weeks, and the term of validity of the contract is three months.

(3)General mediation contract
In this case, you can ask several real estate companies to sell and you can sign a sales contract with the buyer you found. Please note that this includes "explicit type" which specifies other real estate company name to request and "non-express type" not explicitly stated.
A real estate company requested to sell is obliged to prepare one of these intermediation contracts, sign and seal it, and deliver it to the client. It is to prove that an intermediation agreement is established between the real estate company and the client and to prevent troubles over mediation fee.
■Maximum mediation fee
The upper limit of mediation fee (brokerage fee) is 5.4% if the sales price (by consumption tax, etc.) is 2 million yen or less, 4.32% + 21,600 yen, 4 million yen when the amount is 2 million yen or more but 4 million yen or less If it is over, it is 3.24% + 64,800 yen.

3. Flow of selling activity

First, we decide conditions for sale. We will consult with real estate companies, such as selling price, delivery time, advertisement method, and make decisions.
Next is advertising activity. Please cooperate with real estate company's advertising activities, such as providing floor plans and exterior photos of each advertising method, such as information on the Internet and real estate companies.
People who wish to visit will do as you advertise. When you receive contact from a real estate company, let's clean it so that it looks beautiful. In the preliminary inspection, real estate company grasps the desired condition of purchase applicant and carries out guidance and question correspondence, so even in case of watching the inside, let's basically leave the correspondence to the real estate company. There is also a way to open the house on Saturday and Sunday and do an open house to see it freely and find the buyer at an early date.

4. Points of Contract

Once the buyer is decided, we conclude a sales contract and hand over the property. In order not to be in trouble, it is necessary to prepare a sales contract, sign and stamp both the seller and the buyer, and store them separately. Since this sales contract is to be prepared in consultation with a real estate company, please pay attention to the following points.
First of all, it is about deposits. There is no limit on the amount of deposits except when the landowner building dealer becomes the seller himself / herself. However, it is common to set it to about 10% of the sales price.
Next, it is about the loan. After concluding a sales contract, if it turns out that the buyer can not borrow a loan, it will return the contract to a blank sheet, this is called a special loan agreement. Even in individual transactions, adding special loan agreement is increasing. In addition, when a buyer uses a loan, some financial institutions may have to respond to registration of ownership transfer to the buyer and registration of the mortgage before receiving the total trading value. In this case, it is necessary to be able to receive loan money on behalf. In this case, the seller / buyer will undertake procedures to have the seller issue the loan directly to the financial institution that executes the loan in a joint name.
And we will negotiate the risk burden. In the event of damage caused by a fire or the like (in the form of no responsibility for both the seller and the buyer) during the period from the sales contract to the delivery, the buyer is supposed to pay the price by the civil law, but normally, the contract is canceled It is common to attach a special agreement. This should be stated in the contract. Regarding delivery timing, it is important to match with the time of housing change to be replaced. If buyer waits for delivery, negotiation such as price discount is necessary.

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