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Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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Checkpoints for Moving

Moving is not just about carrying baggage. Living in a new residence will start for the first time after doing various procedures and arrangements. Here we will introduce the checkpoints when moving.

To prepare before moving

1. Arrange the materials necessary for loading


There are cases where corrugated cardboard for packing is not enough depending on moving company, so let's prepare some corrugated cardboard boxes.

It is also important to gather old newspapers and gum tape which wraps fragile objects.

2. Think about the layout plan for the new house

Let's think about the layout plan of the new house properly before moving so that you do not have to move furniture and electric appliances again after moving in.

3. Make a reservation for the relocation of the telephone and the withdrawal work.

If you are pulling a fixed phone please contact NTT's number 116 to move.
Also, when new lines are set up in the new house, it is necessary for them to stand up for the pull-in work, so let's make a reservation for the lead-in construction date.

4. Make a reservation for gas opening plug.

Make a reservation for opening the gas at the nearest sales office of the new house.
Since it is necessary for you to be present at the opening of the gas, it is a good idea to book the schedule earlier.

5. Send a moving postcard to a friend / acquaintance

If you decide to move, let people and friends who are taking care of you move you a moving postcard that describes moving or a new address.

6. Preparation for packing

It is important to write the contents on the outside of the packed box.
If you move the packing and ask the company, it is convenient to put together the minimum package (valuables etc) you want to manage yourself in one.

7. Proceed with the procedure of notification of change of resident card.

Proceed with the procedure of notification of change at the municipal office of the current address.
This is necessary for registering the new address of the new address, so let's have it delivered (bring your seal).

8.Submit waste car notification of gasoline engine-assisted bicycle.

Proceed with the procedure for reporting scrapped vehicles at the municipal office of the current address.
At the new address, it is necessary to receive the vehicle number at the municipal office.

9. Submit a notification of transfer to the post office

After filling in the necessary information on the transfer notice at the window of the post office and posting it in the post, the mail sent to the old address will be transferred to the new address for one year.

10. Remove the water from the refrigerator / washing machine

On the day of moving, drain it so that you can carry it immediately.

11. Keep the current house clean and tidy

Since it may affect the refund amount of the security deposit, clean the current house properly.

12. Also keeping the new house cleaned

Wipe clean the entire new house before bringing in moving luggages.
In addition, it is good to take anti-fungus measures in advance in the storage part such as the closet.

What to do on the day of moving

1. You should attend properly to unload.


Follow the directions of the owner and the management company to stop moving companies' cars and rental cars in places that do not inconvenience the neighborhood.
It is also necessary to check the parking lot in advance.

Also, check the number and scratches of household luggages taken out.

2. Settle moving fee

Payment will be done at the end of unloading, so prepare cash.
Get the receipt properly.

3. Check each facility

Check each facility properly, such as smooth opening and closing of doors and windows, air conditioner working properly, water leakage around water etc.
In case of breakdown, it is necessary to immediately contact the owner or the management company.

4. Notify of the start of use of gas, electricity, and water.

Fill out the necessary information in "postal address postcard" of the electricity / waterworks that is located in the place of residence and post it to the post.
If you do not find a postcard, please contact the nearest sales office (usually electricity and water service can be used immediately).
Also, in the case of gas you need to be present on the day you booked in advance and have the gas company open it.

5. Cleaning and garbage processing

At the time of moving, prepare dust cloths and garbage bags for easy cleaning and tidying up.
After loading the baggage, do not forget to check whether you are cluttering the entrance of the building or the hallway.

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