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Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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 Contract flow to buy a house

 Contract flow to sell a house

 Checkpoints for field Preview

 Checkpoints for Moving

 Self-type Intermediation


Consulting service before purchase the housing that just fit for yourself.

The first fundamental basis of finding a house is finance planning.

capability of customers

Before looking at the property or searching the property, there is something you should do first.

We starts with not first looking at the property, but by verifying how much the customer should buy.
By doing this it prevents customer from purchasing a property that does not match the capability with not knowing clear budget.

What to do first before finding a property on the Property Information Site or viewing property of concern, that is the planning for money plan = Pre-purchase consulting service by Soto.

In order to make an optimal proposal, we start from knowing customers.

In order to make an optimal proposal, we start from knowing customers

The role of real estate agent that Soto aims for is not to just sell the real estate that was inquired, but to do the best real estate transaction for the customer. For that, it is important to first meet and to know about customer. We can not make the best proposal unless we understand our customers.

The income and expenditure for each customer, the number of children, the necessary education funds and so on are various. Of course old age funds is also necessary. It is dangerous to decide to buy the property considering only the current monthly payment.

We also conduct an auction real estate business and we have met many owners of the auctioned property. There were also a lot of people who bought real estate lightly considering the prospects of funds. The first step to purchasing real estate is important.

Consulting service before purchase

Consulting service before purchase

1. We will ask about your family composition, current balance and funds, future life plan and hope etc.

2. We will calculate educational funds and old age funds needed for the future.

4. We will explain the selection of optimum mortgage, calculation of borrowing amount, tax deduction etc.

5. We will tell you the merits and demerits of detached houses and apartments respectively.

6. We will explain real estate with high asset value by objective analysis with abundant data and original system.

We will explain real estate with high asset value by objective analysis with abundant data and original system.

7. We narrow down the area while considering population dynamics, income level, earthquake risk, etc. centering on your desired area.

8. After clarifying the budget and conditions of the property that the customer should purchase, we will give a lecture on how to find the property.

9. We will not do business forcibly, sometimes we propose abandonment of property purchase.

10. Those who are considering other companies or who are lost, feel free to inquire us.

Soto will explain theoretically while presenting evidence such as various cases and data.
Considering trends in interest rates, economy, domestic and world conditions, consulting will be conducted and we will make optimum proposals for our customers.

What is consulting unique to Soto?

What is consulting unique to Soto?

It is necessary to assemble the funds plan not only for "housing funds" but also for "future educational funds" and "old age funds". Buying a house and make households struggle, that means to "put the cart before the horse". First step is important to live a rich life.

In Soto, Kazuyuki Taira, a consulting master of the official real estate, will inform you of the customer's financial plan based on the customer's individual conditions based on the current situation and the future from the objective point of view.

Nikkei newspaper articles such as educational funds. The age of those who buy real estate is when children are still small, in their late 20s to 30's. Children 's educational expenses require the most money when they are 18 years old to go on to college.
The educational expenses are required to be 9.27 million yen per person. You must make sure that you do not have to pay home loans at that time.

Also, how much it can spend monthly on housing costs, its assembly is also different for each customer. In many companies, pay raise and base up are stopped. To establish a secure repayment plan, you should avoid uncertain assemblies such as bonus payments and floating rate mortgage loans.

What is important when assembling a mortgage repayment plan is the repayment ratio of the proportion of repayment in annual income. Some real estate agents propose the repayment ratio to 30 to 35% of annual income, but Soto thinks that the repayment ratio that can be relieved is 25%.


The amount you can borrow and the amount you can repay with a margin are different. Do not you think that it is totally overwhelmed that you will be forced to save money for real estate purchased to live a rich life?


Even with the same real estate, there is a big difference in the total payment amount with 1% interest differential.
Since the interest rate differs not only for the housing itself but also for the borrowing time, the difference in the total repayment amount will result in the mortgage.

金利 金利

No one can predict future interest rate trends.

Currently low interest rate mortgage. I would like to continue low interest rates as it is, but no one can predict future. In fact, when looking back at past interest rates, it was 8.5% a year in 1990. Although it was in the midst of the bubble, there was also such a thing.
Turning to overseas, in 2012 Greece long-term interest rates rose to 38.5% at maximum due to recent turmoil. I felt interest rates again scary.




Recently, there are some real estate agents that cheaper brokerage fee, but even if the brokerage fee cheaper at the time of purchase, if there is no advise adequate, the merit will blow away.

At Soto, Kazuyuki Taira always checks economic and economic trends and selects interest rates and products for housing loans. It is also a strength of the foundation that we can propose the optimum mortgage plan for each customer.


We will provide advice that fully utilizes the preferential treatment system when buying real estate in cooperation with professionals in special field.

Various preferential treatment systems etc. are established by the country and the municipality to purchase real estate. We advise these information precisely as a professional in real estate and in cooperation with advisory tax accountants, lawyers, judicial scrivener.


We will inform you of the appraisal and asset value of the desired property with rich enough data and objective analysis.

The price of real estate is hard to understand. That is because real estate has characteristics such as location and area, age of years, management status and so on, and there is not the same thing as one. For customers, it is difficult to compare prices, and to understand whether the property is expensive or cheap.

Real estate could not be talked only by market intelligence and experience values that are often found in traditional real estate agents.Accurate consulting is impossible only by real estate knowledge in recent years. Clear proposal can be made by having broad knowledge such as various statistical figures, legal developments change and world movements as well as finance, economics and politics. The real estate industry has changed a lot.

Comparison with condominium

In the case of the same conditions, the land will differ from the asset value when comparing the landowned housing with the segment owned condominium.


There is no need for management fee, repair and reserve funds, parking cost, so monthly running costs are reduced.


※ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Refer to excerpt (PDF) of Heisei 25 - year(2013) condominium survey result [summary]

Rebuilt / repair can also be decided by owner's will!


By security service, one key security is fully complemented by detached houses.


Soto recommends the detached houses / houses with land with higher asset value than condominiums with high price declines rate.

Full of dreams by professional proposal.


There are various restrictions on small land. But there are plenty of things that can be done with change of viewpoints and many ideas.
And various professionals propose that dream to the actual shape. Professionals in architecture and design will make proposals for construction to increase durability and earthquake resistance, and plan for beautiful shapes and designs. And Soto, a real estate professional, will fully back up the funding planning and planning.

Land will be sold under condition with housing or without housing.Building condition is not simply the building condition by the house maker, it is a plan to build the housing together with the architect.We are also preparing plans without construction conditions that you can build even at your favorite house maker.

Land price will change according to planning.Please contact us first.

● With housing

Building conditions of the property are plans to create buildings with building companies and architects designated by Soto Co., Ltd.
Before meeting with the building plan, we will first build up your budget and calculate how much money you can spend on the building.
In that case we will inform you about the characteristics of each building company and architect and approximate building budget.

● Without housing.

In the land with building conditions, you must build a housing with a designated contractor.
This time, we will prepare a plan without building under special conditions.
By choosing this plan you can build a housing with your favorite manufacturer.
Why do not you create your own dream building?

Procedure of application


Introduction of proposed building company and design office.

大仙工務店 大仙工務店
秀光ビルド 秀光ビルド 京都
ヤマダ・ウッドハウス ヤマダ・ウッドハウス

We will not do business forcibly. Sometimes we propose abandonment of property purchase.


Thirty years since Soto Corporation dealt with auction real estate. With many experiences with the owner, many causes that houses become auction is borrowing of mortgage by unreasonable fund planning.

Auction is the result of owner borrowing from real estate agent and bank staff as recommended. Everyone was dropped shoulder and said "This couldn't be supposed to be like this". When reviewing the funds plan, the cause was obviously due to excessive owing. They chosed a property that did not match the budget, and each was wrong that they bought them.

In order not to do this, Soto Co., Ltd. will calculate the opinion on purchase and the budget for the property to purchase after listening to the customer's annual income, family composition and future life plan. And for customers who are obviously impossible, we will propose to abandon property purchase. They would be disappointed, but they will appreciated us very much for what we would report.

When you should not buy it, we will tell you the truth.That is Soto's motto.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain as to which property you are considering under other companies, or you are not sure or also want only consult.

Why do not you listen to objective opinions at Soto when you are considering purchasing properties at other companies, but you have anxiety? Representative Kazuyuki Taira will give objective opinions and advice from the standpoint of a third party.
※The property you can consult is the property before the contract.

When consulting, please bring property document, a proposal from another agent, a withholding tax slip if you are a company employee, and a final return declaration for three terms if self-employed.

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