Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.

TEL:+81 774-62-1128(Japanese speakers only)

Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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About us

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by on our website.

Thank you to everyone who is reading this greeting. I deeply appreciate what you have come to our website.
Although we do not have a signboard in the whole country like a major company, I myself have acquired registered real-estate broker, consulting master, various kind of managers and existing housing advisers.
We will make comprehensive advice from wide range of viewpoints, including land, building (reforming), loan, etc., and will strive to meet real estate agent with high customer satisfaction.
Well, looking back on from the foundation, the structure of the world has changed dramatically, and the environment surrounding the real estate also changed.
Among them, the primary change is the field of information by IT(Information technology).
Prior to the spread of IT, ordinary people had only a way to inquire real estate companies about properties from limited information such as real estate agent's leaflets and information magazines, but nowadays, there are so many property information.
By developing a services which will be appreciated by consumers, we will be loved by our customers for a long time with the spirit of Ohmi merchant's San-pou-Yoshi (good seller, good buyer, good public) and we will aim to become a company that is needed for the region.

Company Profile

Company name Soto Co.,Ltd.
Company President Kazuyuki Taira
Address 〒610-0314 Miyazu Ikenouchi 33-1, Kyotanabe,Kyoto
License number Kyoto Governor (6) No. 10268
Other licenses Construction industry: Kyoto Governor (General -27) No. 29734
Capital 10 million yen
TEL 0774-62-1128
FAX 0774-62-4401
Business contents Real estate sales brokerage, leasing, management, contracting, renovation, reforming, real estate consulting, insurance agent
Member organization Kinki Real Estate Information Network System
公益社団法人 京都府宅地建物取引業協会
公益社団法人 京都府宅地建物取引業保証協会
社団法人 近畿圏不動産流通機構
Shukou Build Distributor Agent
Possession qualification Real Estate Consulting Master, Real Estate Transaction Agent, Licensed Strata Management Consultant, Property Manager, Licensed Representative of Condominium Management qualification, Existing housing aviator, Insurance agent
Business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday Every Wednesday, 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Access map

So-to Co.,Ltd.

Miyamagi Chuou 6-9-1, Kyotanabe,Kyoto Pref.
TEL:+81 774-62-1128
FAX:+81 774-62-1232
License number: Kyoto Governor (6) No. 10268
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