Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.

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Real Estate Information for Kyotanabe,Seika,Kizugawa,Joyo of Realtor So-To.
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 Checkpoints for field Preview

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 Self-type Intermediation


Self-type intermediation


Self-type intermediation procedure

Step1: Search for properties on the Internet

Many property information is shared by all agents.
From the property information site, find your favorite property on the terms you are looking for.

Step2: Contact Soto for inquiries about the property

In each property information, the name of the real estate company is described as "inquiry destination", but in order to apply the discount of brokerage commission, please first contact Soto for property inquiries.

TEL:0774-62-1128(Japanese speakers only)

Step3: Investigate whether applicable property is available

Most properties can be handled by our company.
If there is a property (detached house, second-hand condominium, land, profitable property, etc.) that you are interested in the real estate search site, we will investigate whether the property is available if you call us / mail. We may be able to handle even properties introduced from other companies, so please feel free to contact us.
A feature of self-type brokerage is that brokerage commission discount is applied. Brokerage fee will be discounted up to the maximum from the upper limit.
However, there are some properties that are not subject to discount depending on the property.
At the time of reply to the inquiry of the property, we will inform you about the discount rate of brokerage commission or whether it is the object of discount.

Step4: First of all, preview the property by yourself.

We can accompany you on request.

From Soto, we will inform you of materials and accurate address of the property.
Before introducing the property in our company, we are requesting preliminary preview of the property by the customer first.
By doing this, the customer checks the environment, location, appearance, etc. of the property, and has the property selected before property viewing.
Collecting the property information by yourself and conducting the preliminary inspection of property will lower the cost and the brokerage fee. It is one of the reasons for discounts.

* Precautions on preview *

At the time of preliminary inspection, there are cases where other real estate agents are conducting open houses etc. in the property.
If you receive an introduction of the property from these real estate agents, your intermediary will become the trader who received the introduction.
Please note that Soto's Brokerage Commission Cashback can not be applied to customers who are engaged in brokerage operations by other agent.

Step5: Arrangement for property viewing

If you do preliminary inspection of the property, and you like the environment, location, and appearance, you will need to apply for internal visiting.
In order to prepare materials and arrange keys, we will adjust the date and time.

TEL:0774-62-1128(Japanese speakers only)

Step6: We will arrange for you on-site, then we will look inside.

To visit for inside looking, we will be waiting for you on site.
In addition, in order to consider the property, we will prepare property appraisal documents, payment examples of housing loans, neighborhood traffic data etc. in addition to the property data.

Step7: We also offer consulting for purchase.

For customers who are considering purchasing, we consults for assessment as to whether the property is optimal for the customer and financial plans that match the life plan.
Also, we will frankly tell you when you think that you should consider purchasing again. We don't do business to force you to buy. This is Soto's motto.

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